Me, my hunny, and my sonny 😉 This was taken in November of 2017.  I’m 40 pounds lighter now!  We had these beautiful photos taken so that we could use them for our Christmas card.  I was so frustrated by my double chin that I ended up not using any of the photos.  Little did I know, my Trim Healthy Mama journey was just around the corner!!

Hi!  I’m Myra.  A Good Girl Moonshine drinking, okra crisping, homeschooling, travel loving, and maybe just a little bit crunchy Trim Healthy Mama.  I’m not perfect, and this is my account of my perfectly imperfect weight loss journey.  Since starting Trim Healthy Mama, I have had so many friends ask me about the plan because they can see changes in me.  I thought this might be a fun way to document my experience.  I will share things that are helpful and have made my life easier, how I menu plan, things that didn’t pan out so well, and all the in between.  The struggle is real when it comes to lifestyle changes, but I’m trying to find ways to avoid the struggle.

Why did I name this blog Saggy2Sassy?  Because one of my biggest fears about losing weight is having saggy skin.  But you know what?  I can’t let that keep me from living a healthier lifestyle.  This is my journey going from Saggy 2 Sassy.