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Cooking Through The Cookbooks: Life by Chocolate Cake

As I’m cooking my way through the cookbooks, I don’t know how I’m ever going to make a dessert that isn’t chocolate.  Because every time I ask my family what they want, chocolate is always the answer.  They’re not spoiled.  At all.  To satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth this week, I decided to try my hand at the Life by Chocolate Cake in Trim Healthy Table p 376.

I am not a baker.  Not even close.  Sure, I can make cupcakes and brownies from a box.  But cakes have always a challenge for me.  I almost always mess them up, especially two layered cakes.  I mean, I have been known to take a two layer cake and accidentally turn it into four layers…ya know, because it cracked down the middle…  To make a healthy cake, I can’t get it out of a box!  I have to measure and use real ingredients.  I have to double check the ingredients to make sure I didn’t leave something important out, like baking powder.  While I know I CAN do all of those things, it just seems so intimidating.  But look what I did!!  I made a cake, y’all!!  Now, the ganache is another story…

Life by Chocolate Cake, Trim Healthy Table p 376

Here’s What I Learned:

  • Read the recipe BEFORE you start throwing things together.
  • Check and double check your ingredients to make sure you don’t forget anything.
  • You should probably have TWO spring-form cake pans to make it easier.  I didn’t.  It took a little longer to cook separate layers.  I had to let it cool.  Then, wash and dry the pan.  It was also more difficult to make sure I put equal parts of the batter into each round.  One cake layer was definitely thicker than the other.
  • Ganache is tricky.  You may want to let it cool until it is on the thicker side.  I thought mine was thick enough but it ran down the cake like liquid chocolate.  I mean, liquid chocolate isn’t necessarily a bad thing…but ganache is supposed to be thicker than that.  I don’t have any helpful tips on how to do it, just be patient with it.
  • I CAN make a cake!  
  • This recipe was easy to follow.  There weren’t any crazy hard steps.

This cake was very moist, and quite delicious!  It served us longer than some of the cupcake recipes that I have made because I was able to control portion size.  A smaller piece of cake was enough to satisfy cravings, as it is protein rich.  The ganache had a strong chocolate flavor which satisfied my inner choc-o-holic.  I enjoyed it alongside a nice hot cup of decaf coffee.  Even my picky kid loved it and asked for more!  The best part is I don’t have to feel guilty about indulging.  This is definitely a make again recipe <3

I’m sorry I can’t share the recipes because they are copyrighted.  If you don’t have the cookbooks, I really encourage you to get them.  They have been wonderful to have in the kitchen and have really helped me stick to plan.  You can buy them directly from the sisters at, at a bookstore, and even on Amazon!  If you don’t want to purchase them yet, you can check with your local library.

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