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Cooking Through The Cookbooks: Super Salmon Patties

Growing up, my Mom often made salmon patties and I always loved them.  I mean, I love almost any seafood you put in front of me.  Thankfully, so does my kiddo.  He’s always down to go out for shrimp or crab-legs.  One afternoon, we headed out for a play date and ended up bringing an extra kiddo home.  Uh-oh!!  I realized I hadn’t taken anything out for dinner!  I needed something quick and easy that didn’t require thawing.  Luckily, I had bought a couple cans of salmon the week before so I could try the Super Salmon Patties in Trim Healthy Table on p 177.

I was a little nervous because even though my kiddo likes seafood, he doesn’t like onions or hidden chunks of veggies and his friend is a secret food ninja that can detect tiny pieces of hidden foods.  This meant there was no way that I could use chopped onion or jalapeño.  So, I had to wing it just a bit to make sure I was making a meal we could all eat.

Super Salmon Patties, Trim Healthy Table p 177

What I learned:

  • Canned salmon is a little creepy.  There are bones and some of them are kind of big (I think they were vertebrae).  In the book, the sisters tell us to just leave them so we can get the calcium and glycine from them but I just couldn’t leave them all, especially not the vertebrae.  They completely creeped me out 🤣 I did try to leave the smaller ones for the health benefits, but I just couldn’t imagine crunching down on one of the larger ones.
  • If you are a bone picker like me, be prepared to smell like fish!
  • Instead of diced or chopped onion, I used 1/2 teaspoon onion powder so we got the flavor with NO hidden chunks.
  • I also added 1 teaspoon of garlic powder because we LOVE garlic!
  • I used a little more seasoning salt than what the recipe called for.
  • I used one egg per can like the recipe suggested but my first couple of patties kept falling apart.  I think the secret is divide the salmon mixture into one-serving sized balls and mash them IN THE SKILLET with your spatula.  The patties that I made that way were perfect!
  • Sometimes, it is better to cook things on a lower heat. I cooked mine on medium-lower medium high heat. This allowed them to get a nice crispy layer without burning the outsides. The insides will be soft, just make sure you cook them long enough to make sure your egg is thoroughly done.
  • It took more coconut oil to cook them than I thought.  I had to keep adding oil to my pan.  So you may want to make sure you have plenty of oil on hand.  It didn’t take a ton, but I’m glad I had plenty in the pantry.
  • The salmon patties are really yummy with sugar-free or No Sugar Added ketchup, which is how we always ate them when I was a kid. Bonus– I didn’t have to make any special sauces!!

My son and his friend devoured their food.  I mean, like cleaned their plates!  I served the Super Salmon Patties with Briana’s Mac-N-Cheese, and green fries (Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook, p 217).  This was a super easy meal to throw together at the last minute and everyone loved it.  I call that a SUCCESS!!

I’m sorry I can’t share the recipes because they are copyrighted.  If you don’t have the cookbooks, I really encourage you to get them.  They have been wonderful to have in the kitchen and have really helped me stick to plan.  You can buy them directly from the sisters at, at a bookstore, and even on Amazon!  If you don’t want to purchase them yet, you can check with your local library.

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