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Workin It!

Part of a healthy lifestyle is making sure you are staying active. Your body was made to move. This is something that I have struggled with my entire life. By nature, I don’t love to exercise. I could be perfectly content sitting on the couch all day snuggling my son and two dogs. As a work at home, stay at home, homeschooling mama, it isn’t hard to sit for hours on end and not realize that you haven’t moved all day. But if I force myself to get up and move, I always feel great afterward. So, what’s my deal?

When I first started Trim Healthy Mama, I was doing the Workins on a regular basis. But my hubby wanted us to get active as a family. So we joined the YMCA. For a while, we were doing a really good job as a family by going to the YMCA three times a week, sometimes even more. I had a hard time doing both, the Y and Workins so I just focused on the Y. It was a lot of fun. I felt great! My achey joints didn’t hurt anymore. The creak in my knees slowly started to fade away. I had more stamina. I could walk around all day without any problem. My back didn’t hurt. But the holidays came and went and the flu hit us hard. Our schedule was destroyed along with our gym routine and we have struggled to get back on track.

I used sticky notes to label each DVD’s exercise equipment needs. This has been a huge help! I just gather everything before I get started.

The Trim Healthy Mama Workins page on Facebook does a monthly Workins Challenge and my friend encouraged me to join her in the challenge. The challenge was to do a Workins DVD 3-4 times a week or get moving in another way. I hesitantly said I would join her and we became accountability partners. You guys, an accountability partner is worth their weight in GOLD!! She has unknowingly motivated me to get off my bummy simply because she was off of hers. All it took was a little text from her telling me that she did a certain Workins, then I just had to get up and do one too!

This is my equipment corner. I keep my bands, weights, and smaller balls in the little basket. The big ball hanging out in the living room reminds me that it needs to be used. And my kid LOVES bouncing up and down on it!

The Workins challenge ends in two days. But my personal challenge doesn’t! During this challenge (So far, I still have two days left!) I have exercised 9/14 days. Some days exercise included the Workins DVDs, a walk on the beach, and days walking around Disney (you walk a LOT there). I have found that checking the boxes in my planner are great ways to keep myself on track. In the words of Pearl, I think I’m still trying to become “THAT GIRL!” I am THAT GIRL that likes to exercise. It really only take about 20 minutes. Everyone has 20 minutes to spare, right? Because if I’m being honest with myself, I spend way more than 20 minutes a day scrolling Facebook. I can do this. I AM THAT GIRL!!

If you don’t own the Workins and have no idea what I am talking about, check them out here on the Trim Healthy Mama website:

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