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I AM a Trim Healthy Mama

Do you listen to the Poddy?  If you don’t, I really want to encourage you to start.  There is so much inspiration wrapped up into each Trim Healthy Mama Podcast.  You won’t be sorry that you gave them a chance.  I often listen when I’m cooking, getting ready for the day, or at the gym.  I smile, I laugh, and I get inspired.  There have been so many episodes that have spoken directly to my heart but a few have really changed the way that I think of myself.  On episode 86, the sisters talked about speaking titles over yourself.  If you proclaim, “Oh, I’m a slow turtle loser,” then you will believe it and become it!  If you are what you eat, are you also what you speak?  If you speak positive affirmations over yourself, you will start to believe those instead.  I get to speak my titles over myself and I get to believe them.  So, who do I want to be?  What do I choose to believe?

I choose to believe that God wants this for me.  I am a daughter of the King.  He loves me and wants what is best for me.  1 Corinthians 6:19-20 tells us that our bodies are not our own- bought with a price- they are a temple of the Holy Spirit and we should use our bodies to glorify God.  I believe that taking care of my body is in line with His will and an act of obedience.  It isn’t petty to pray for help and guidance on my weight loss journey.  It’s confessing, “God, I can’t do this on my own and I NEED YOU.”    I am glorifying God by nurturing my temple.

I choose to believe that I CAN do this.  I am NOT a cheater if I decide to eat off plan.  If I choose to treat myself once in a while, it doesn’t mean that I have ruined my whole weight loss journey.  It means that I have the willpower to have a treat once and make my next best choice in three hours.  Just because I may have taken a detour to Egypt (Poddy episode 76) doesn’t mean that I have to stay there (Poddy episode 78).  

I choose to believe that the number on the scale does NOT define me.  I, personally, have an addiction to weighing myself.  The scale calls to me and begs me to step on just one more time.  All day.  Every day.  If I lean forward just right, I can get the numbers a couple ounces lower, sometimes even a pound or two!  So I should probably lean as far forward as possible, right?!  I’m getting ready for the day, I should weight myself naked just so that the clothes don’t throw off the numbers!  I just went to the bathroom, maybe I just lost a few ounces…I should probably weigh again!  But who am I kidding?  I have had weeks where the scale didn’t budge an ounce but suddenly, my pants were falling down.  I don’t need to step on the scale every day to know my exact weight because it doesn’t really matter what it says.  Maybe what I should really do is have my hubby hide the scale.  100 pounds of feathers take up more space than 100 pounds of iron.  I’m not a failure if the scale doesn’t move.  I work out, I’m building muscle.  My clothes are getting baggy.  I AM trimming! 

I choose to believe that I am a healer.  In Poddy episode 65, the sisters talk about the importance of speaking healing words over our homes and children.  We can choose to speak words of destruction over our families and watch them grow downcast or we can speak words of love over our families and watch them bloom.  I want my home to be a safe place- a refuge when the world beats you down.  I don’t always say the right things in anger (Ya know, when your dog just puked on the floor and your kid is playing his harmonica at record breaking volume, all while your dinner is burning because you’re trying to rush the dog out the door).  But I am trying to be better.  I am trying to slow down and have deep meaningful conversations.  I’m trying to be quick to hear and slow to speak- the healer of my home.

I choose to believe that I am a joy grabber.  I tend to be a little OCDish.  I like things just right.  I can’t stand clutter and like to keep a tidy home because it makes me feel better.  But life isn’t perfect, and neither am I.  If everything is in disarray, I feel super stressed.  I want to be able to relish in the moments when I am not in control.  Poddy episode 68 tells me that it’s OK to not be perfect.  Sometimes I choose to eat “personal choice” foods so that I can enjoy a special moment with my family.  Like when my son really wants to go out for frozen yogurt, I choose the No Sugar Added flavor and top with nuts, strawberries, and coconut shreds.  I’m sure that the NSA frozen yogurt isn’t 100% on plan, but I am choosing to be a joy grabber and look at it as Vitamin P for Pleasure (Episode 39).  It’s not like we do it every night or even every week.  I’m also learning that it doesn’t always have to revolve around food.  I can also joy grab by not stressing over vacuuming the floor or making sure all of the dishes are put away as soon as they are dry.  I can relax and be joyful in the chaos of life.

So…what are you speaking over yourself today?  These are just a few of my truths that I am speaking over myself.  

  • GOD wants this for me and I am being OBEDIENT to God by nurturing my temple.
  • I CAN do this!
  • The scale does NOT define me.
  • I am the HEALER of my home.
  • I am a JOY GRABBER!

I could probably ramble on forever, but I won’t.  I hope that this inspires you to speak words of love and affirmation over yourself <3

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