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Life IS Good!

I found this little cutie just hanging on a bush…

LIFE IS GOOD, even when it’s not!  I found this little darling  (complete with a butterfly) hanging on a shrub today and it really made me think of all the things I have to smile about.  Even in the chaos…even in the unexpected…life IS good!!  It read “Take Me Home” on the other side, but I left it so someone else can smile about it, too.

I will preface all of this with saying, I am not a chef by any means.  But I get by in the kitchen.  I can normally finagle my way through a recipe whether I have the right equipment or not.  It isn’t always perfect, but normally edible and mostly pretty tasty.  I have used more recipes since I started following the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle, than I have in my entire life.  I’ve seriously thought about cooking my way through the cookbooks like that move Julie and Julia.  That would be fun, right?  So in following recipes, I’m expanding my skill set and with that comes a LOT of learning curves.

My Pumpkin Honey Bun Cake Mishap

This past week has been filled with several cooking disasters.  I decided it was Fall, even though it is still sweltering hot here in Florida.  It’s the perfect time to make something pumpkin-y!  This should get me in the Fall spirit!  I decided I would make a Pumpkin Honey Bun Cake from Nana’s Little Kitchen (click on the name to go to recipe link)…  Except I forgot to add the baking powder.  I didn’t remember it until it was already in the oven.  There was no going back now…  What was supposed to be a pumpkin cake ended up more like a pumpkin bar of sorts. But you know what, it was still edible!! And it was still delicious!! It actually tasted kind of like a pumpkin pie!!

Moistess Cupcakes. Yummy puffs of deliciousness that my kid will eat with no idea that it’s healthy for him! These did not fall on the garage floor, haha.

After the pumpkin cake mishap I really started craving chocolate.  I thought I would make the Moistess Chocolate Cupcakes from Trim Healthy Table p 395.  I kept seeing all these posts about them on the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook page and my inner choco-holic was triggered.  I mixed the batter and baked the cupcakes, made the gelatinous whipped cream, and melted the chocolate ganache.  I was so excited!! These were going to be SO GOOD!! Like, gourmet!  Because they were going to be so great, I was going to take them to a homeschool meeting that night and everyone was going to love them.  I just knew it!!  All I had to do was wait for them to cool off.  But I was running out of time.  (Remember, it’s hot here in Florida.)  The garage fridge seemed like the ideal place to cool them.  So I grabbed my tray of cupcakes and headed to the garage.  I slowly opened the fridge door and…SPLAT!! I clumsily dropped the entire tray of chocolaty goodness.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  I didn’t have enough time to make another batch, so I did what anyone in my shoes would’ve done…I took my flat pumpkin bars instead.  And they were still a hit!!  I left with an empty plate.  (I did make another batch of the Moistess Cupcakes the next morning so I could use the cream filling and ganache.  Waste not, want not?  They were AMAZING!! I have made a third batch since.  Even my super picky kid likes them, and he has no idea he is eating pumpkin!!)

Do you see all that pink Himalayan saltiness?! Yikes!!

Last night, I was making dinner.  We were having Slim Slippy Joes from Trim Healthy Mama p 63.  I had planned to make it as an E meal, but realized if I did that, I probably shouldn’t have one of those delicious cupcakes for dessert because they’re an S.  And I really needed chocolate!  So I decided to make an S at the last minute.  I needed an S bread.  15 Minute Focaccia Bread from Trim Healthy Table p 247 seemed like the perfect solution!  I would just have my sloppy joe like an open faced sandwich.  Once everything was all mixed up and it was time to sprinkle on my toppings.  I would use grated parmesan and decided I should add just a little sprinkle of salt for good measure.  I grabbed the salt jar, flipped the lid open and…WHOOSH!  A mountain of salt landed on my dough.  I hadn’t noticed that I opened up the wrong side of the lid.  I stood there for a few minutes trying to figure out how I could fix it…do I just scoop it off the top layer?  Nope.  Of course I didn’t do that, it would’ve made more sense.  I decide to spread it all around the top layer.  It’s mineral salt after all…how salty can it be?  Well, let’s just say…some bites are saltier than others…but, still edible!!

Sometimes a beautiful thing can happen from cooking mishaps…like this buttered focaccia toast that I paired with my savory breakfast.

I guess my point is… Even though I’ve been thrown some curveballs in the kitchen this past week, LIFE IS GOOD!!  We have delicious food to eat.  Serving my family a nutritious meal doesn’t have to be plated like it came from a famous chef.  Not everything is going to be perfectly perfect.  I’m not Mary Poppins!  The butterfly reminds me that CHANGE IS GOOD!  Just because I have fumbled a recipe or two doesn’t make me a failure and it doesn’t give me the right to give up and go back to my old ways of canned crescent rolls or store bought sugar filled desserts.  During times of change, I am allowed to make mistakes.  And I am allowed to redeem myself when I make mistakes.  I don’t have to stay stuck and I don’t have to let mistakes crush my spirit.  Because, there’s no use crying over spilled cupcakes!

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