One Meal, Three Ways

On this page, I will share how I make one meal to please three different people: my hubby, my son, and me.  While my hubby and son are not in weight-loss mode, I AM!  How in the world do I get these guys to eat diet food?!  It’s actually not that hard when I am working with the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbooks.  I will try to add ideas as I remember to photograph them, but you know…Mom Brain and Hungry Men…This page will mostly be photos and captions on what I cooked, how I tweaked it, and page numbers of the recipe if it came from a cookbook.  I hope you find this helpful!


For breakfast we often have zucchini sautéed in better or coconut oil, fried eggs, and a piece of bacon with fruit on the side.  

(Left) Hubby has berries and another fruit to put him in XO territory.  (Center) I stick with berries only to keep me in S territory.  (Right) the pickiest kiddo ever hates zucchini and most fruits so he gets an apple to keep him in XO territory.  Sometimes, he will add a yogurt if he’s super hungry.


For a quick lunch, sandwiches are always a go-to for us.  But, I have to tweak it for everyone so that we all get something we like and the nutrients we need.  We all had chicken deli meat, a piece of bacon, and a slice of cheddar.  Hubby and I also had tomatoes and cucumbers.

(Left) Hubby had his on sprouted bread with mayo to put him in XO territory.  (Center) I had mine on a low-carb tortilla wrap with a little ranch dressing to keep me in S.  (Right)  Picky kid basically had meat and cheese on a low-carb tortilla because he doesn’t love sprouted bread.  He also doesn’t love lettuce or tomatoes so he chose to just have celery with ranch on the side. This kept him is S territory until he finished and asked for a handful of baked chips.  I obliged because I’m not trying to be a mean mom, lol.


We love pork-chops in our house.  Blackened in a skillet is our favorite quick and easy way to cook them up.  Serve with brown rice and a steamable bag of broccoli sprinkled with salt and pepper and drizzled with butter, and you have a super easy meal! 

(Left) Hubby loves rice, so he gets a huge helping of brown rice, a pork-chop, and a nice scoop of broccoli.  The fats from the butter and pork-chop make a nice XO with his rice.  (Center) I have mostly broccoli, topped with a diced pork-chop and 1/4 cup of brown rice to keep me in S territory.  (Right) Remember, pickiest kid ever?  He totally hates broccoli, but he love celery!  Go figure!  So he gets a nice serving of brown rice, a pork-chop, and celery with ranch dressing (not pictured).