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Trim Healthy Mama Thanksgiving Recipe Round-Up

Can you believe it is already November?!  Here we are in the midst of another holiday season.  Are you struggling to stay on plan?  With sweets at every turn, I know I am!  

We had a homeschool pot luck the other day.  There were plenty of foods that I could eat and I did try to stay on plan that day, BUT  it really made me stop and think about all of our traditional Thanksgiving meals.  How can I THMify those?  

I know my hubby and kiddo are going to sneak the naughty foods while we gather with family.  They aren’t as strict on plan.  But I just can’t.  Every time I think, “Oh, it’s just a little bit of sugar…”  BAM, I get sick.  It’s not even worth it anymore.  

So this Thanksgiving, I am fully committed to fueling my body with healthy and delicious foods that I know won’t make me feel bad.  I know these foods are going to nourish my body and help me slim down while not feeling the least bit deprived.

In my great search for yummy Thanksgiving food, I did what any Mama would do…I took to Pinterest and decided not to reinvent the wheel.  All of these amazing ladies have gone on before me and paved the way.  All I have to do is walk down that road.  I’m not afraid of crossovers.  I don’t eat them every day.  I’m pretty sure once in a while is not going to derail my weight loss.  

So, here is what is on my Thanksgiving menu this year.  I chose these recipes because they look easy. And I’m all about that!! I am SO EXCITED because I get to enjoy the holiday on a diet (lifestyle) for the first time in the history of ever!!  To be directed to the recipes, just click on the recipe name or the picture and it will link you right away.  There are TWENTY of them.  I plan on making everything that is pictured (except the cranberry sauce because my sister will make that).  I even already picked up my Walmart grocery order.  Woot woot!!  Hopefully, this list will help you stay on plan this season.

Baked Ham Glaze:  One of my favorite things about holidays is having a delicious glazed ham.  But this year, I’m going to do it without any added sugar.  I think I will try to make it this way because it looks super easy!  

Trim Healthy Mama Friendly Stuffing: I plan on making this version by Northern Nester. It looks soooooo good!!

Sugar Free Cranberry Sauce:  My sister makes me cranberry sauce every year.  She’s awesome like that.  She even asked me what sweetener she could use for me this year so I am SO EXCITED that I can still eat her amazing cranberry sauce!  But if I was doing it myself, this is what I would make.

Green Bean Casserole:  I love green bean casserole.  My brother-in-law got me hooked on his version, and I NEED to take time to THMify it, but until then, I will make it Briana’s way.  

Yellow Squash Casserole:  This sounds pretty close to my Mama’s recipe!  I can’t wait to try it.  

Sweet Pumpkin Casserole:  Instead of sweet potato casserole, I think this should hit the spot while staying in S mode!

Pumpkin Pecan TorteSince I plan on taking this to my family’s gathering, I want to make sure there is plenty of pumpkin to go around.  This looks amazing!  

Looking for something that I didn’t mention?  Here are more great recipes from some amazing Trim Healthy Mamas, just click on the recipe name to be directed to the recipe.

Have leftover turkey that you need to use up?  Try these!

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I’m sure I could keep going and going…but I only need to cook enough for one day.  What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes?  How will you THMify them?!  What is on your menu??  How will you use your leftovers??  Happy cooking, y’all!!

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